5 Reasons Martial Arts are going to be even more important in the near future



First: Information is free, wisdom is earned

Information is free and ubiquitous today. People don’t ask one another about how to do something. People simply go to the web and check the collective to see what the consensus is regarding to how to deal with planting a garden too how to install proper molding in their living room. 

The same is true for martial arts. But there is a difference and it is based on centuries old education method called the trades. In the trades a person enters a chosen trade as an apprentice, moves to journeyman and finally master.  Look for a resurgence of the trades’ attitude, an attitude of applied skills, and artisanship. 

This attitude will 
spread across society in general, but be re-discovered in the martial arts specifically.  The web is no replacement for learning a skill from a master.  Do you want a Doorman / Bouncer for your bar, who has 5 years of experience, or 5 years of reading about it on the web?  

The wisdom of martial arts training, must be earned, and its value is becoming more important every day.


Second: People will seek conscious disconnect, and a reconnection to themselves

People will connect electronically when they want to connect. People know the difference between being on camera and having their location tracked by Google and government agencies.  Martial arts provides many things but in this instance Martial Arts provides a clear and direct electronic disconnect.  You must leave your external connectivity behind when you train in martial arts.  Cell phone, put away, off, and focus on the visceral truth of not getting hit or thrown by your partner. Here is a news broadcast on what people are doing to disconnect: http://goo.gl/1XFNWr


Third: People will reconnect with the idea that they are their own first, best protection

As rules and regulations burden law enforcement (see Seattle Police Sue to Stop New Limits on Force: http://goo.gl/gRq8Zg) people will begin to understand that even though the police systems are the most advanced the world has ever known, people have always been on their own when it comes to violence. Violence happens faster, shorter, and stronger than most people expect and certainly before a first responder can arrive.

Look for people to appreciate public safety, but be responsible to and for themselves when it comes to personal safety.  Look for people to reject the taught idea of victimhood via martial arts training. Go to Min. 1.33 to see how Korean grocers handle the looting that took place during the 1992 L.A. Riots: http://goo.gl/N6D6wD


Fourth: Personal action trumps agency action every time

The old adage that it is better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission, no longer applies. Government and business alike are making rules that cover themselves in the case of a lawsuit. These litigious rules and regulations are often ill founded when dealing with the safety of the individual. 

An example of this is a councilor from the Seattle Public School system. She showed me the techniques that she was to employ in regard to a violent situation with a student. She, having been raised in a tough neighborhood of Detroit Michigan was questioning the validity of what she was being taught – she knew instinctively and from experience what she was taught would not work in a self defense situation. In the scenario she presented she was un-armed and she faced a student armed with a pair of scissors.  The skill set she was to use in this instance would be challenging for me to employ, with some 35 years of experience and training. The technique had all the trappings of a policy that was designed to cover liability and not safety.

People know these policies are not designed for their safety and well being, these policies are designed for lawsuit protection.  People also know that they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. So people will choose personal safety over policy and martial arts is a path to answering this need.  7-11 Worker Fired for Fighting Back against Robber: http://goo.gl/krNXdb


Fifth: We need less violence not more

Agreed. But it comes down to world view.  If you believe that people are by nature good, then you assume that they will act in good ways when in power or in the most mundane activities of life.  This world construct is based around the assumption of good will, and relegates evil to the small back benches of life.

If you believe that people are at best neutral and goodness is a learned behavior, well a system of checks and balances at the governmental levels and personal levels are needed.  It is all about world view.  Learning martial arts actually brings discipline and thought to not only the acts learned on the floor of the training hall, but how it flows into other parts of life. Martial arts brings a continuity of understanding, regarding goals, violence, confidence, and responsibility to one’s self and those around the practitioner. Martial arts are a way to a less violence society, and if needed a personal means of superseding policies designed to protect the pocket over the person.


Kris Wilder, is a martial artist from Seattle Washington, the owner and head instructor at West Seattle Karate Academy, he has written some ten books on martial arts, and leadership. Kris travels internationally giving seminars on martial arts.  He is also a member of Order of St. Francis.






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