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Contracts to Conflict, Negotiating

Contracts to Conflict, Negotiating Skills You Need By Lawrence Kane “Let us never negotiate out of fear but let us never fear to negotiate.” – John F. Kennedy Negotiating is not only something that many sourcing and procurement professionals do for

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Jump Start Your Training

Jump Start Your Training The short answer is you don’t; you grind it out.  If you are looking for a jump start, you are looking for an easy way to get over, a short cut. Yes, I am saying you

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Fights Happen in Places

Fights Happen in Places “I thoroughly disapprove of duels. If a man should challenge me, I would take him kindly and forgivingly by the hand, lead him to a quiet place, and kill him.” – Mark Twain By Lawrence Kane

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Domestic Violence – The Warning Signs

Domestic Violence – Recognizing the warning signs before it’s too late By Lawrence Kane In October of 2007 thirty-eight year-old Sean Jennings was sentenced in Spokane (Washington) Superior Court to twelve years in prison for attempting to hang of his

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Knives, knives, and more knives

Knives, knives, and more knives… By Lawrence Kane Do a little drill for the next week or so: As you’re out and about look at other people’s pants pockets throughout your day. You will begin to notice metal clips that

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The Victim Interview

The Victim Interview By Lawrence Kane I was parked alongside a major street in downtown Seattle. My hands were full of boxes and the mid-afternoon sun was glaring in my face, making it hard to see despite my polarized sunglasses,

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No Block

There is no block By Lawrence Kane There really is no such thing as a block in traditional martial arts, at least not in the commonly understood sense. You see, the Japanese word uke means “receive” rather than “block” as

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A Display of Discipline

A Display of Discipline This last weekend an American tradition took place, the annual Army vs. Navy football game, two disciplined teams comprised of disciplined young men, the 116th meeting between the Navy Midshipmen and the Army Black Nights.  The

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A Hollow Life

A Hollow Life Recently I was asked, “Why does it feel like I have a void in my life?”  the assumption being that I would have the answer for the hollowness that the person was experiencing. The short answer is

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Work, The Question of Achievement

Work, The Question of Achievement  At Football tailgate parties, like the one I attended last weekend, you wind up talking to a diverse group of people all ages, jobs, and walks, of life. Some are fascinating people, others might be,

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