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Dude, The World’s Gonna Punch You in the Face: Here’s How to Make it Hurt Less

5th Annual Beverly Hills Book Award Winner (personal growth category)
2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards (self-help category)

We only get one shot at life. And, it’s really easy to screw that up because the world wants to punch us all in the face. Hard! But, what if you knew when to duck? What if you were warned about the dangers–and possibilities–ahead of time? Here is how to man-up and take on whatever the world throws at you.

This powerful book arms young men with knowledge about: Love, Wealth, Education, Faith, Government, Leadership, Work, Relationships, Life, and Violence.

It won’t prevent all mistakes, nothing will, but it can keep you from making the impactful ones that you’ll regret the most. This book is quick knowledge, easy to read, and brutally frank, just the way the world gives it to you, except without the pain. Read on. Learn how to see the bad things coming and avoid them. Set yourself up to be a success!

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The 70-Second Sensei: Soul of the Genius Sensei: Living and Teaching Beyond the Nuts & Bolts

Winner 11th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards

Once you have mastered the physical aspects of your martial art, it is time to take it to the next level–to lead, to teach, to leave a legacy. This innovative book shows you how.

“It is always shin, the spirit, that decides the fate of the battle,” wrote Taisen Deshimaru in The Zen Way to the Martial Arts. Indeed, in nearly every human endeavor what separates world-class individuals from also-rans is the mental game. Application, instruction, and holistic self-development, these are the hallmarks of the exceptional sensei.

Sensei is a Japanese word, commonly translated as “teacher,” which means “one who has come before.” This term is usually applied to martial arts instructors, yet it can signify anyone who has blazed a trail for others to follow. It applies to all those who have acquired valuable knowledge, skills, and experience and are willing to share their expertise with others while continuing to grow themselves. After all, setting an example that others wish to emulate is the very essence of leadership.

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There are Angels in My Head!
How to Recognize and Make Sense of the Mystical Experience

Finalist – Annual Beverly Hills Book Award Winner (Spirituality category)

Am I experiencing self-deception or something profound? The unexplainable has happened. A prayer has been answered; a gift has been given, communication has occurred… Is it the voice of God, or the voices in your head?

Here’s how to find out. In this work, you will discover the organization of the mystical experience. Based on the classic works of G.B Scaramelli, an 18th Century Jesuit Priest, Kris Wilder brings modern relevance to any person to apply to their journey as they seek the Divine.

Using examples and principles from Christianity and other religions, Wilder demonstrates

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Sensei Mentor Teacher Coach:
Powerful Leadership for Leaderless Times

Many books weave platitudes, promising the keys to success in leadership, secrets that will transform you into the great leader, the one. The fact of the matter is, however, that true leadership isn’t about you. It’s about giving back, offering your best to others so that they can find the best in themselves.

The methodologies in this book help you become the leader you were meant to be by bringing your goals and other peoples’ needs together to create a powerful, combined vision.

Content includes Seven essentials of leadership, Four keys to group unanimity, Six ways to instantly improve problem-solving, Three steps to calibrating your internal compass, Fifteen negative attitudes to banish from your brain. Five ways to kill fear and move forward, Three principles to utilize the genius of foolish ideas.

Learn how to access the deeper aspects of who you are, your unique qualities, and push them forward in actionable ways. Acquire this vital information and advance your leadership journey today.