Scammers Target Martial Artists

ThiefScammers Target Martial Artists


If you own a martial arts dojo, dojang, or studio you need to take just a moment and learn about a scam that is taking place.

Scammers are contacting martial arts school in an attempt to get information that will give them access to your credit card or bank account.


Here is how it works.



  1. E-mail contact. Contact is always by email. It has always been a parent looking for a “Full martial arts” experience.
  1. Only by e-mail. The parent for some reason can only communicate via e-mail. They claim to be at work, or in one instance just had ear surgery and the doctors recommend they stay off the phone.
  1. Too Specific. Often, the kids, are named and their ages given. Most real communication is not that specific. Parents will give a child’s age or a gender, but rarely a gender, and age and a name.
  1. Credit Card Payment.They always ask, “Do you take credit cards?”
  1. Special. For some odd reason, something has gone sideways in the process of registration. The special circumstance leads to number 6 on the list.
  1. Good Faith Effort. In an act of good faith, they want to hold the spots for their kids by making a deposit, or some form of financial exchange that will get account numbers.
  1. Sentence Structure. The people that are doing the scam do not have English as their first language. They are good, but the syntax is off by a hair. And further small errors are made such as words that traditionally would not be plural are pluralized such a first name.


The scammers have taken a pass at me a couple of times, and you may have experienced it as well. Let your martial arts friends and associates know about this scam so they too may protect themselves.

You can pass on this link,or drop your friends and associates a text, or e-mail. The more people know about this, the less successful these thieves will be. So please spread the word.

Be Well,



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