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A Hollow Life

A Hollow Life Recently I was asked, “Why does it feel like I have a void in my life?”  the assumption being that I would have the answer for the hollowness that the person was experiencing. The short answer is

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Schadenfreude is Killing You

Schadenfreude is a German word that has no real English equivalent, the word means to take pleasure in others misfortune. Schadenfreude makes you the private police officer, judge and jury of another, in your heart and mind, nobody need know

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The No People + Grit and Courtesy

Accepting the answer, “No,” and just moving on, not getting what you need or want has become de rigueur.  Accepting the answer, “No” is the correct thing to do in many situations, such as where life or limb is in

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Lou Gehrig’s Disease; He was more than an illness

If you are a baseball fan, or an American, it is likely you have heard of Lou Gehrig’s speech he delivered as he retired from the Yankees because of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. It is only 278 words and worth a read

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